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Custom LED Display

Custom LED Display

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-Re-stickable IP68 polymer
-Visible through all tints (even chrome and double 5% tint)
-Connect via Bluetooth and choose over 300 GIFS

Personal Expression
Showcase your creativity with custom graphics, text, and animations. Express yourself on the road using our exclusive custom GIFs such as "Blow me", "Wanna Race", and "Spooling", alongside many others! No more boring displays - make a statement with our custom LED display!

Communicate on the go
With built-in static and dynamic gifs such as "I'm in a hurry", "Please wait", "Walker ahead", you can communicate vicariously with other drivers on the road without having to stop. 

Easy Installation
Simply attach the display to your car window by slapping it on. No tools required, and it won't damage your window. It is powered by a provided USB cable that can be plugged into a port.

App Control
Manage your display with ease using our user-friendly app. 

Additional Usage
This LED display can be used in stores, hotels, KTVs, pubs, restaurants, indoor advertising signs, concerts, parties, Christmas or wedding decorations, and more. A scrolling LED sign will draw attention from miles away! Your store or residence will shine more with this sign up.

What's Included?

  • Custom LED Display
  • 4M USB Cable
  • QR Code To Download Our App
  • 3M Adhesive For Permanent Applications

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